The primary focus of The Full Picture is to identify personal and organizational barriers to success. The Full Picture specializes in helping Family Businesses manage the following challenges and barriers to success:

  • Trust
  • Succession
  • The integration of outsiders
  • The Family Organization Chart
  • Obstacles to performance
  • How to approach Family Business strategic planning
  • Loyalty
  • Turnover
  • Family conflicts
  • Family business meetings
  • Intergenerational conflicts
  • Commitment
  • Giving back and making a difference
  • Compensation
  • Equity
  • Incorporating Best Practices
  • Assessing Current Operations
  • The Founder and the Usurper
  • Stages of development
  • Protection of family assets
  • Working with the Board of Directors
  • Making best use of the Board of Advisors
  • Making Decisions as Family
  • Family Heritage
  • Maintenance of the entrepreneurial framework
  • Maintaining Culture and Values
  • Managing Risk
  • Collaboration, Communication and Listening
  • Confidentiality
  • Drug and Alcohol issues

My mission is to positively impact your world by elevating your leadership capabilities.

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