Tom Horne

I am a business coach to CEOs, General Managers and Family Businesses. My clients aspire to make a difference on the results and direction of their companies, their lives, and search for better ways to achieve their goals.

I focus on five key areas of concern to my clients:
1. facilitating and creating a diverse environment of trust, equity, inclusion, and camaraderie among team members
2. growth, viability, and the bottom line
3. making significant organizational impact
4. facilitating effective individual and group communication
5. assuring authenticity and integrity in Leadership.

I was CEO of Guernsey Dell, my family’s world-renowned ice cream ingredients business in Chicago. Among other successes, I built revenues up from $700,000 to over $30 million prior to selling the company in 1999.

I am an accountant by education, a graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute, and a Certified Business Coach. I work with leaders –  our goal is your business growth and transformation. My ongoing development includes Landmark Worldwide, annual World Business and Executive Coach Summits, and certifications in various assessments such as EQi2.0, and a practitioner in Myers-Briggs Personality assessments.

My mission is to positively impact your world by elevating your leadership capabilities.

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