Tom Horne

I am a business coach to CEOs, General Managers and Family Businesses. My clients aspire to make a difference on the results and direction of their companies, their lives, and search for better ways to achieve their goals.

I focus on five key areas of concern to my clients:
1. communicating effectively,
2. creating an environment of trust and fun among team members,
3. making a significant positive impact on the bottom line,
4. assuring authenticity and integrity in the leadership team, and
5. giving back

I was CEO of Guernsey Dell, my family’s world-renowned ice cream ingredients business in Chicago. Among other successes, I built revenues up from $700,000 to over $30 million prior to selling the company in 1999.

I am an accountant by education, a graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute, and a Certified Business Coach. I work with leaders –  our goal is your business growth and transformation. My ongoing development includes Landmark Worldwide, annual World Business and Executive Coach Summits, and certifications in various assessments such as EQi2.0, and a practitioner in Myers-Briggs Personality assessments.

My mission is to positively impact your world by elevating your leadership capabilities.

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