Hi Tom,

It’s been a while since we have spoken and I hope you are managing well through COVID-19.

I wanted to share what a great day I had today.  At our all staff meeting, to my absolute shock, I received the “Values in Action” award from ASA, demonstrating all four of ASA’s core values of Collaboration, Commitment to Excellence, Continuous Improvement and Dedication.   Attached is the slide and below is a comment from [my boss].  I received so many messages and emails from my colleagues today as well.

There is no question in my mind that this would never, and I mean, NEVER have been possible without your coaching.  I’m copying [HR exec] both to acknowledge my thanks (again) for ASA investing in me and as a passive nudge to encourage ASA to continue with this program.

I know this award will make you happy and proud!

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas, weirdo!

Marc B.

Hi Tom

We all feel that our work with you has been helpful in developing the relationships and communication skills between the four of us that we wanted, and we feel ready to “go it alone” for awhile. Your work with us came at a great time, a time when there was no room for any kinks in our communication with each other. And our meetings with you were a great format for getting to know Dan, and Dan getting to know us.  If we get bogged down in the future, we will certainly call you. Thank-you for getting us up and running.

The real value from Tom Horne for [our company] … will be expanding the Myers Briggs work to the whole company and getting to a place where our teamwork takes full advantage of our individual assets in the most constructive ways possible.

Heidi H.

I called him and just left a short message on his phone about my lack of compassion and about a half hour later he showed up in my driveway and said don’t talk and we just stood in the sprinkle and hugged for a long time.    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Thank you so much for your coaching..  I love you.. you’re the greatest coach in the world.!!!!!!!!!

I feel soooo much better.


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