The Issue and the Need: The Operations Management Team of a $600 million engine manufacturing business had committed to Executive Management to reduce operating costs by $25 million. The stress of producing yet another “Miracle” cost reduction was causing the Operations Team high anxiety due to their major doubts about their ability to reach this stretch goal.

What I Did: I coached the Plant Manager, Quality Assurance Director, Plant accountant, and Operations Manager of the team. I was able to create a level of trust with the Operations Manager that enabled him to not only engage in a 360 performance review but also enlist his direct reports to be members of his career development team.

Result: As a result of my transformational coaching, the Operations Manager chose to work in another lower stress part of the organization. Meanwhile, the Plant Accountant grew in the role and became a more effective team player. The Plant manager was promoted to role of General Manager and replaced the incumbent. The Quality Assurance Director was actively engaged in a personal search for external employment that would suit his personality. The operating cost savings plan was partially implemented, resulting in $10 million in savings.

My mission is to positively impact your world by elevating your leadership capabilities.

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