The Pain: I coached Sales Director, Marketing Director, and Quality Assurance Director who was effectively also the Plant Manager. Quality had been on the decline causing returned medical products and loss of confidence of customers. Plant employee morale was on the decline resulting in higher rates of injury and dissatisfaction regarding the job and the company.

What I Did: After initial coaching intakes, I worked with the Sales Director who established achievable goals, the Marketing Director who had exterior dealings with another company and eventually decided to leave, and the Quality Assurance Director/Plant Manager who created effective communication goals that seemed were realized rather quickly. I had him focus on developing effective relationships with the plant employees and his wife and kids.

Result:  The work done by the Sales Director resulted in a 10% increase of sales which happened concurrently with changes in the plant. The Marketing Director resigned and was not replaced. The work with Director of Quality in the area of Communication created a huge shift in morale in the employees and my client which resulted in a fairly quick turnaround in the level of quality incidents and returns resulting in satisfied customers, and a large reduction in injuries which reduced workmen’s compensation claims and altered morale of the plant employees and surprisingly had a vastly improved family life.

My mission is to positively impact your world by elevating your leadership capabilities.

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